Lenovo Ideapad S10e and its differences with the S10

It is like an open war in the netbook arena. And with the BIG player like Lenovo, the whole competition has just got tougher than ever. Lenovo came up with S10 sometime back, but the Lenovo S10e is actually little different than the original S10.

Folks at testfreaks.com have enlisted the differences between the S10 and S10e.

The ‘e’ in the Lenovo S10e stands for ‘education’. The core difference is that the S10e comes with QuickStart, which is actually Lenovo’s version of Splashtop. Splashtop offers TRUE instant-on experience. So, one can read news, chat, surf  the web without firing the usual OS like Windows XP or Vista.

The S10e is available not only with 80GB/160GB hard disk just like S10, but is also available with 4GB SSD(solid state drive), which is resistant to shocks (and thus can take more abuse than the Hard Disks). More RAM options have been provided on the S10e.

One more minor difference is the screen size. The screen of the S10e is 10.1″ compared to S10’s 10.2″ screen size.

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