Long review of HP Mini 1000 [Netbook]

TankillerR over myhpmini forum has posted a huge review of HP Mini 1000 and he is very impressed with his mini 1000

The HP Mini 1000 XP is for the most part a solid Netbook. It’s got its quirks like any other Netbook, but with its 10.2” screen, 94% full sized keyboard, ability to turn off the touch pad/buttons, super sexy look and US based tech support (in most cases, more then Asus, Lenvo, MSI at least) It is a good consideration when buying a new or first time Netbook. The Mini is only about 2 months old, so it’s got some catching up to do to the EEE PC brand, but give it some time. I’m sure we’ll all be impressed later down the road.

He is also very impressed with the keyboard.

“One thing that stands out with the Mini is its huge keyed 94% full sized keyboard. It is almost exactly the same as a full sized with a dedicated top row of function keys, large enter and shift keys and 4 arrow keys. The key design goes edge to edge, not the normal curved down style of other laptops. This helps a lot by keeping the keys large and preventing typos”

He has also given some nice tips to improve the battery life:

• Turn off your unused ports
• Turn off touch pad/buttons
• 50-60% your screen brightness (In most cases I found this to be plenty bright)
• Use SSD
• Make sure your at 100% charge pre viewing
• Don’t have any background apps going (Instant Messenger, Firewall, Ect)
• Kill unused start up apps/drivers (HP Mobile Bandwidth Driver if you don’t use it for Ex, Blue Tooth)
• Only have 1 window open
• Try using a good video player that uses little processor power, less processor = less power consumption. Ex VLC over iTunes.
• Kill screen candy apps. (Rocket Dock, Konfabulator, Ect)

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