MSI Clutch GM50 and Vigor GK60: new optical mouse and mechanical keyboard gaming

The MSI brand has just presented two new peripherals, focused on the gaming world, given its characteristics. On the one hand we have the mechanical keyboard Vigor GK60, a new model in this prolific line of gaming accessories, which has red LED lighting. On the other hand, we have the mouse Clutch GM50, which stands out for its light weight and, therefore, the agility it provides its users when they use it.

You may MSI has always been known for its motherboards and graphics cards, gaming peripherals that. But, little by little, the brand is opening an important gap in that market, with good products, such as its monitors, mice and gaming keyboards.

MSI Vigor GK60

The gaming keyboard MSI Vigor GK60 is a good example of the commitment shown by the brand to be recognized as an important player within those leagues. This mechanical gaming keyboard uses Cherry MX Red switches, which are the most demanded by gamers, since they require a very low force when activating them. This is in the user’s interest, since it allows the keys to be activated many times.

MSI Vigor GK60

And speaking of activating the keys, this MSI keyboard has 100% anti-ghosting technology, along with N-Key Rollover. The lighting is only red, but the user can choose between different effects, depending on the game he is using at that moment.

MSI Clutch GM50

This MSI mouse, unlike the previous mechanical keyboard, does have RGB lighting, which can be synchronized with other RGB devices that use the RGB Mystic Light software, creating a great environment for the most spectacular games.

The GM50 mounts a PMW-3330 optical sensor, which can be configured in resolution from 400 ppi to 7200 ppi. This wide range of configuration gives, to its gamers users, the possibility of adapting the sensitivity of the mouse at each moment of the action, depending on what the user is doing at each moment of his departure.

MSI Clutch GM50

Speaking now of the buttons, the GM50 has 6 configurable buttons, of which the two main Omron GAMING switches, which are tarados to support up to 20 million pulses before failing. It is also noteworthy that these buttons have an action time of only 0.5 ms.

Both the new mechanical keyboard and the new mouse will reach the market during the beginning of this month of November 2018, although the manufacturer has not given the prices that will cost when they reach the market.