Samsung 860 QVO QLC SSD top come in 1, 2 and 4 TB capacities: Samsung 860 QVO specifications and price

Samsung 860 QVO

Several online stores have filtered what would be the alleged specifications of the new Samsung SSD, the Samsung 860 QVO, which would be the first of the manufacturer that would use the new NAND Flash memory type QLC. These new SSDs would reach the market with large storage capacities (1, 2 and 4 TB) and, in theory, at prices much lower than those of their current counterparts that use NAND Flash memory of the FTA type.

It is very likely that the arrival in the market of QLC (Quad Level Cell) users will mean a revolution in terms of the price and the amount of storage available in the solid units. After all, the great advantage of these NAND memory cells lies in the four bits of information that allow them to be stored inside, compared to the three bits of information that the current FTAs ​​allow. This allows an increase in capacity

But, it is also true that the degradation of these cells is much greater than that of TLC cells. So for applications in which what is going to be done with the device is mainly read from it (like having our Steam library, for example), they can be very valid options, which could begin to relegate to the background employment of mechanical storage units.

The acronym QVO of the new Samsung 860 QVO means “Quality and Value Oriented”, which implies that Samsung will guide these new devices to meet the demand of users who are aware of the price of these units. At the moment, we know that there will be three models, and with the following sale prices by the stores (without VAT):

MZ-76Q1T0DW : with 1 TB of internal storage and at a price of 117.50 euros
MZ-76Q2T0DW : with 2 TB of internal storage and at a price of 225.96 euros
MZ-76Q4T0DW : with 4 TB of internal storage and at a price of 451.93 euros

When we add the 21% of VAT that is applied in Spain, we obtain the following prices: 142.18 euros for the 1TB model, 273.41 euros for the 2TB model and 549.83 euros for the 4T model TB. If we take into account that the Samsung 860 EVO models (which use TLC memory) has a price of 159 euros for the 1TB model, 349.99 euros for the 2TB model and 936.23 euros for the model of 4 TB, it is easy to see the reduction in price per GB that this new model Samsung 860 QVO brings.

By filtering the stores, we can know that these new SSDs would have a reading speed of 550 MB / s, and 520 MB / s for writing operations. They could also provide 96,000 IOPS in reading and 89,000 IOPS in writing