New Specs, New Pictures of FUJITSU U2010

A Vietnamese forum has come up with more pictures and specifications for the Fujitsu U1010.

Rumored Specifications of the Fujitsu U2010:

CPU: Intel Atom 1.6Ghz 1.8Ghz
Screen Size: 5″6
Resolution: 1024×768
HDD: 80Gb
RAM: 1Gb
OS: Vista Business
Communications: 3G, GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth
Weight: 680gm
Expected price: US $1300

According to me, the best improvement is the keyboard, which is now “Vaio/Macbook” style. Another great improvement is the more standard resolution (1024 x 768).Price has increased by 80gm, but it comes with built-in 3G and GPS. But, still 1GB RAM. Why Fujitsu, why?

But, look at that price tag. Ouch!

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