O2 XDA Ignito User Manual

Facing problems in using the O2 Ignito? Cannot understand a particular function(s) of the device? Here comes the user manual to rescue you. Here is the link to the O2 XDA Ignito User Manual.

In the manual, you will not only find safety instructions, but also how to set up and use your O2 XDA Ignito. Usual topics like how to take the battery in and out are also covered in the PDF.

O2 XDA Ignito User Manual

To install the battery
1. Align the battery’s exposed
copper contacts with the battery
connectors inside the battery
2. Insert the contact’s side of the
battery first and then gently push
the battery into place.
3. Replace the back cover.

To remove the battery
1. Make sure your device is turned off.
2. Remove the back cover.
3. The top left and right sides of the
battery have protruding grips. Lift a
protruding grip from either side to
remove the battery

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