Youtube and Flash working inside Opera Mobile

Yes! This is not a mirage. It is reality. Thanks to great folks at xda-devs, who have impressive knowledge about finding ways to get things working. A day before yesterday, we reviewed Skyfire, which has the ability to run a youtube and flash content inside the browser window itself.

The upcoming build (2808) of Opera Mobile will let you do exactly that! The download instructions are provided at the end of this post. Also, instructions of how to install and get the stuff working are provided at the end of this post.

About the youtube video

It is working. At low framerates (~7-12fps perhaps), but it is working. Sound output is perfect. Video quality is ok. Also, the Opera Mobile behaves a little weird. It pops up the SIP every time it encounters a flash object (including youtube (flv) video)

Youtube and Flash working inside Opera Mobile

Is the flash working?

Yes! The flash is working. But, very slow. Overall device’s performance also becomes very sluggish as-soon-as it encounters any flash-related content.

Alright, so what do I need?

You need to have Opera Mobile build 2808 with flash 7 activeX dll installed.

Here is the link to the 2808 build of the Opera Mobile. After downloading the file, unzip it and go to “opera 2808 update” folder. You will find 3 files. Use activesync’s explorer to put these files into the windows folder. It will ask you over-write the files. Let it over-write them. Disconnect your device and conduct a soft-reset.

Get the flash activeX DLL from the following link:
Update: you can also install My_Flash.
Update 2: to counter the popping keyboard problem, you can use the Null Keyboard. That is a temporary solution to the popping keyboard problem.
Also, make sure that you have enabled the plugins in the Opera Mobile. Check this by going into it’s settings.

Special thanks to post of cityhunter71 at XDA for finding this out!

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