Parallels for iPhone and Android now available for download

Parallels have announced a a major update to its Parallels Access app. Previously available only for iPad, the new update brings support for Android and iPhone devices bringing the remote PC control to much wider audience.

Other list of new features include:

* Facebook login integration lets users log in quickly and easily.
* Ability to launch desktop applications with a single tap right from the home screen of an Android device.
* A new file browser lets iOS users quickly browse and open files on their remote computer using Parallels Access.
* Desktop applications that use a microphone can now be used with the microphone on your iPad or iPhone.
* Ability to change screen resolution for best fit for different types of devices.

Laura DiDio, principal analyst of ITIC, said

Parallels Access is a must-have mechanism to remotely access your Windows or Mac applications and files from your tablet or phone. Its breakthrough ‘amplification’ technology transforms desktop applications and integrates native mobile features and functions so they are fully usable with touch gestures as though they were made for your mobile device. The result is the industry’s best Windows and Mac remote access application. Parallels Access is a reliable, fast and intuitive experience that finally makes mobile devices effective productivity tools.

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Here are the hardware requirements:

* iPad: iPad mini and iPad 2 or later running iOS 7.
* iPhone: iPhone 4s and later running iOS 7.
* Android: Most tablets and phones running Android 4.0 and later.