Windows Phone to surpass BlackBerry marketshare in UK

A new graph has been released by Kantar which shows the UK market share of smartphone operating systems over the 10 year period from March 04 – March 14. In the beginning we see Windows Mobile and BlackBerry being the leader until Apple’s iOS comes out in late 2007 and poses itself as big threat to the two dominant operating systems.

In the year 2009, Android operating system enters the picture and squeezes the marketshare of Windows Mobile (which was on its deathbed) and BlackBerry (that was churning out atrocious phones like Curve 8520).

As of this past March, BlackBerry’s marketshare in UK is still higher than Windows Phone and to make things look worse, the graph shows only consumer data and not enterprise market which BlackBerry’s main market.

Windows Phone to surpass BlackBerry marketshare in UK
Source: Kantar

It shall, however be noted that if you notice the last 10 percent of the graph, the BB’s share is shrinking as more and more consumers become aware of the excellent windows phone platform.