SONY brings instant-on technology into its VAIO P-series

Instant on is a feature that almost all the manufactures are incorporating these days in their notebooks as-well-as netbooks. With it, the people can do basic stuff like do web-surfing; make Skype calls; chat on the IM client; listen to music etc. Corel’s Instant ON technology has now been adapted by the SONY which will now be included with the VAIO P-series netbook notebook.

sony vaio p

The Instant ON feature is a nice addon for P-series as it comes only with Vista. The Vista takes quite a  while to boot on this Atom powered device. So, the people who want to take quick notes or check the web for something will really appreciate this feature. The VAIO P with the Corel Instant on feature is already available in Japan and will be made available to the rest part of the world later this month (February 2009).

Although, I would still keep my device my standby mode instead as I always need to do stuff which requires Windows OS. But still, Instant ON is something no netbook/notebook user will ever complain of.

Update – fast forward to 2022, Vaio P is still being used by one of our staff members. Granted it is super slow, but it can run most modern office applications just fine. Chrome or any modern web browser is a bit too much for its Atom Z520 processor.

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