Lenovo to use Nvidia’s ION platform in their bigger netbooks

Remember the ION platform which the Nvidia revealed about a  month back? The Lenovo is already planning to launch bigger netbooks which use the mighty GeForce 9400M GPU (GeForce 9400M GPU+Atom processor = ION). These netbooks will be equipped with 11.6-inch and  12.1-inch screens, which are becoming more and more normal these days.

Lenovo to use Nvidia ION platform in their bigger netbooks

That is not all, they are even planning to launch a 13-inch model too based on the ION platform. Although the ION platform will allow users to view HD movies and even let them play some of the modern games, but in the end, will they be netbooks anymore? With the bigger displays now pouring into the netbook scene, the border line of netbooks and notebooks has become even more blur than before. [via digitimes]

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