Sony Ericsson Introduces New Phones: W902, W595 and W302

Sony Ericsson promised that something big was coming on the 3rd birthday of it’s Walkman range. Well, here they are, with their going-to-be flagship model of Walkman range, W902.

W902 is a quad band GSM phone with all the goodies like UMTS, HSDPA and EDGE. It comes with 8GB of M2 memory; 5MP camera and premium quality earphones(HPM-77)

W595 is also a quad band GSM phone and it also has UMTS,HSDPA and EDGE. It has just 2GB of M2 memory. It comes with 3.2 MP camera.

W302 has no 3G; is cheap; has 2MP camera and 512MB of M2 memory.

  • Again, no WiFi. I understand that these are music phones but so is N95.
  • No 3.5″ mm jack
  • W902 is too expensive, rumored to be around €500!

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