SONY PS3 firmware update v2.41

SONY is going to release the long awaited firmware for PS3. Although Sony dint make any official
announcement to confirm the new update,but hopefully it will be released on Wednesday.
Last week Sony was forced to pull the v2.40 firmware after receiving numerous complaints from consumers having problems with installing the update. Until now, Sony has failed to provide any explanation for the technical issues surrounding the v2.40 release.

Not all PS3 customers reported having these issues, but those who have experienced them reported them on all PS3 versions (of 40GB, 60GB and 80GB). The new update has already appeared on a number of sites, but for those who wish to avoid any other technical issues, it’s best to wait for the official release.

The release is part of Sony’s strategy for this year. According to Sony, its game business is not an issue anymore, and despite some economic uncertainties, things are getting better and better. The company estimated in May this year that both its video game and TV sales will have a significant improvement in profitability.


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