Remote sign out and Google Mail: one more layer in security

Well, if you sign-in and sign-out on a lot of public/friends computers, you are really going to love this feature. This feature lets you track the locations where you are still signed in.  At the bottom of your inbox, you’ll see information about the time of the last activity on your account and whether it’s still open in another location.


You can also sign yourself out remotely by clicking the “sign out all other sessions“. Smart move by Google by telling the users where all he is currently signed in. If an IP address or a location seems fishy, you can easily sign that person out or you can sign out of all sessions. This is called remote sign out in Gmail and it works like a charm.

If something like this happens, we suggests improving Gmail security by changing password and setting up 2FA so that only you are in control of your Gmail account.

Setting up 2FA in gmail is fairly simple as well.

Go to accounts and import and then to “change password recovery options”. This will open a new tab. Go to security tab and turn on 2-step verification. This is 2FA. You will be asked to use an app called Google Authenticator which will allow you to get exclusive access to your gmail account. Make sure not to use this code with any one else.  

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