Twitter for Windows Mobile

There are two several ways to twit on a Windows Mobile:

  1. The best way is to use a dedicated twitter application like Pocketwit which is a freeware. With it, you can post to Twitter using a URL you want to share, a picture you have stored on your smartphone, or a picture you just snapped with the camera, and you can even insert a GPS link showing your location.
  2. HelloTwitFace: It gives you the ability to post your status on Twitter and Facebook or HelloTxt
  3. ceTwit
  4. Twobile
  5. Tinytwitter
  6. You can just redirect the mobile browser to and you will be taken mobile webpage of the twitter. It is fairly bandwidth friendly.

I personally use as the Pocketwit takes a while to start.

[via microsoft]

Updated: Thanks to for letting us know about other twitter applications.

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