Intel believes high-end machines need SSD. What about netbooks?

From fudzilla,

Intel advises its customers that the high end system from Intel should have both SSD and HDD. For $1100 or more Intel propagates that a user should get Core i7 920, X58 motherboard 4GB memory, even that would be hard for Nehalem system that usually feature 3GB or 6GB. X25-M Intel´s mainstream SSD drive, 750GB HDD.

I like the idea of HDD and SSD in a single machine, but I wonder why Intel is still not producing SSDs meant for netbooks. May be they think that the netbooks are good enough with HDDs and they do not have a need for SSDs. Fortunately, there are some netbook manufactures who do not think this way. Take MSI Wind U115 for example, which was the first netbook with both SSD and Hard Disk drives built in. The HDD can be used to store big files while the SSD can be used to drive the OS.