Vito quickcontact

All of us have always wanted an application which can provide us with the facility of one-hand navigation. It becomes really difficult when our one hand is on the steering wheel of the car and we wish to make an important phone call, or when our one hand is busy doing some imporantant work and with the other hand we need to fetch an important phone number from our device. VITO QuickContact comes very handy in such situations.


VITO QuickContact is a very useful application that helps manage your contacts and call history. The best feature offered by this appliacion is that it facilitates one-hand usage. So, its a very attractive package for people who wish to maintain their call details and contacts on-the-go. This most unique feature of this application is that the call history is displayed in the beginning, i.e before the contact names and numbers

The application provides you with variety of search panels. The user can select the one he/she finds most suitable to him/her. Even changing the panel is very easy. You just need to press the left softkey.

The first panel style offered is of the following type

In this type,just enter the desired alphabet and the names with the typed letters are highlighted. For example, I searched for names with the letter ‘A’

When you tap on ‘panel’, the next type of panel comes up

In this, just tap on the ‘button’ with the desired alphabet. For example, if you want the names with ‘A’, you need to tap on ‘abc2’. Then,all the names with any of the three letters, ‘A’,’B’ or ‘C’ or any number with the digit ‘2’ are displayed.

The next panel is almost similar to the previous one, only with little different looks.

For example, I searched for the names with the letter ‘A’.

The fourth and the last panel is the only panel without call history in the beginning. In this panel, the letters are not displayed. You need to type with your keyboard (both touch panel and hardware keyboard work fine).

For example, I searched for names with the letters ‘AN’.

When you tap on ‘menu’ (right softkey), you can see a variety of options.

Entering a new contact is as easy as a child’s play. Just tap on ‘menu’ and select ‘new contact’. Also, you can add a new contact into your sim card by selecting ‘new sim contact, from ‘menu’. You can select the way you want your contacts to be sorted. Just tap on ‘sort by’ from ‘menu’. The various options are displayed.

Also,you can change the fonts of your contacts by selecting ‘font’ from ‘menu’. The various font styles offered are bold, italic, increase and decrease.

And,another very useful feature offered by VITO QuickContact is the option to select the language of your choice. The default languages offered are English and Russian.

· Makes the search of contacts easier.
· Highly user-friendly.
· Provides easy access to call history.
· Self-explanatory icons for outgoing, incoming and missed calls in the call history.
· Assigns itself to the green button. Also, the application can be closed by pressing the red button.
· Easily understandable search panels.
· Various language and font options. Also,you can select the sequence in which you want to sort your contacts.
· The application assigns itself to the right softkey.

· The application assigns itself to the right softkey. But there is no option to alter that(or roll back).
· To access the application from the green button, the application should always run in the background.
· Cannot select the desired panel randomly. You need to browse through every panel sequentially.

Final Thoughts:

This application rightly does what its meant to do:provide the user with the right contact information at the right time.
Also, you can get access to the application by pressing the green button. But, for that you need to keep it running in the background. If you dont want the application to run in the background everytime, then you can also open the application by clicking on the right softkey as the application assigns itself to the key.

Product Category: Utility
Manufacturer: VITO Technology
Price: $15.95 USD
System Requirements: Pocket PC Phone Edition with Windows Mobile 5.0/ Windows Mobile 2003