What is Bitcontent? Kim Dotcom new Bitcoin Venture

What is Bitcontent

Bitcoin is again in the news, thanks to billionaire Kim Dotcom who is currently living in New Zealand. He is all set to launch his next venture called Bitcontent which will allow the content creators to get paid for any content. He said that one can share content with customers and with interest community and get money for that content.

Mr Dotcom is a very vocal supporter of bitcoin and says it will go behind 2000 dollars in coming two years. He also says that his Megaupload 2 and Bitcache projects will help bitcoin cross this milestone. Many delays have pushed the launch date for megaupload 2 project but rumor has it that it won’t take more than six month time.

Bitcache will allow users to earn bitcoin by sharing their content with others on the megaupload 2 platform. It will allow businesses to earn money from their websites. Here is the video that we are talking about.

Bitcoin already has a market cap totaling 27.9 billion dollars as more and more people are taking interest creating a massive demand for this virtual currency. At the time of this writing, the bitcoin is more than $1150. Last week, it was under 1000 dollars so it is a very volatile currency for sure.