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Should I Buy Ethereum?


Since it’s inception in 2011, Ethereum has taken the world by storm, becoming the second most traded cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. When prices hit an all time high of $1200 in January 2018, people began to take notice, and wonder if they too should buy Ethereum.

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NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti vs GTX 1660 Ti vs RTX 2080 – which GPU is better for DirectX Ray Tracing

If Ray Tracing has such a negative effect on the performance of the NVIDIA RTX graphics, it is difficult to explain that the brand now enables this technology for the graphics cards of its GTX series, both modern and Pascal (from the GeForce GTX 1060). Because, as you are going to be able to see, its use ends up being translated in a reduction of the performance that makes, in many occasions, the games unplayable.

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What is Intel Comet Lake? Intel Comet Lake vs AMD Zen 2

Intel Comet Lake

Definitely it seems that Intel has already left behind the famous cadence of development “tick-tock” in its processors, and with the 10 nm still in the pipeline everything points to the tenth generation of Intel Core processors, named Comet Lake, will repeat the 14 nanometers that the company has already used in Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake and the ninth generation, “Coffee Lake Refresh”. However, it seems that Comet Lake will have processors of up to 10 physical cores to deal with the brute force of AMD Zen 2 processors.

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Pal app review: Find new friends with same interests

pal app review

Pal is a new application available for both iPhone and Android that lets you find and meet new friends according to the friends that have same interests as yours. This is great if your existing friends don’t have time, interests, you can find new ones on the Pal app. For instance, if none of your friends like sports, you can find and meet new friends that like sports.

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IOTransfer 2 Review: ultimate iPhone/iPad manager

IOTransfer 2 Review (1)

IOTransfer 2 is a powerful tool to manage data stored on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. If you despise iTunes or yearn for an easier way to interact with your iOS device, the IOTransfer 2 is the perfect application for your computer. For instance, it lets you drag and drop videos on your iPhone or iPad wherever you want. There are no restrictions where you save the file.

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The new tech of video gaming in 2017: comparison between mini PC VS Xbox Vs Online

Not a day is passed when one does not come across a mini PC vs Xbox console debate. In 2017, mini PC gaming is going get even better thanks to the introduction of pre-built gaming PCs from companies like Valve Corporation which recently churned out Steam Machines. Let us not forget the third player that is giving both of these a tough competition – online gaming. This new type of gaming does not require you to have the latest gaming console or high end mini PC as almost all game processing is done in the cloud – on some very powerful computer on the server end.


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Recovering data the easy way using EaseUS recovery wizard

Our digital devices like laptops and desktops are home to all sort of important and useful data. Noone can afford to lose their data but the data can get damaged or corrupt on its own sometimes and that can lead to loss of important work and information. Fortunately, there are some amazing data recovery applications out there and the one we recommend to our users is the EaseUS data recovery wizard.

best data recovery software

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