Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in-store bundles are not what they seem

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Infinity Ward launched Season 1 of Modern Warfare recently which included the Season 1 Battle Pass. The in-game store refreshes with new items daily which can be bought with COD Points which is the premium currency in the game. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare now seems to include store items that can be obtained for free. Not only that, but a $14 bundle contains one of them.

The Royal Armory Bundle

The Royal Armory bundle is on sale for 1,400 COD Points which is around $14 with real money and it contains four items. It includes the Aristocrat and Outback weapon blueprints, Blade of Valor gun charm and the A Cavalier Attitude sticker. Some Modern Warfare account users may consider this to be a good deal and worthwhile to spend their COD Points currency one however, the truth is a little bit different.

The Blade of Valor gun charm can be obtained for free in the game. You can get it by completing one of the objectives in a Mission you can start from the Barracks. All you need to do is complete an objective for the Infiltrator Mission and then you will be given the Blade of Valor gun charm for free.

While Infinity Ward has kept its promise of not including Supply Drops in this year’s version of Call of Duty, it looks like Activision still has them aiming to squeeze as much money as possible from fans. It seems rather unethical to be charge $14 for four digital items when one of them is actually obtainable for free. If you don’t mind the somewhat extortionate prices for the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare premium currency items and are too lazy to complete the mission yourself then you might find that the Royal Armory Bundle is something you want to buy. Outside of this, there isn’t really an audience for this bundle.

Community Survey

If you’re unhappy with the premium currency cost, the premium currency items or anything else relating to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare then this is the time to left Infinity Ward know. Activision has been sending out a Modern Warfare survey asking players to give them feedback via email about their experience with the game. A link to the survey cannot be provided since it’s purely email based but it does include questions relating to updates, weapon balancing, Battle Pass, daily challenges and Dev feedback also.

Those unhappy with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare premium currency item bundles have the chance to tell Activision directly through this survey. While there might not be any changes, it does give players the chance to communicate their desires to the developer and publisher.

COD Points can be used to purchase a variety of things and most cannot be obtained for free in the game. It’s unclear is the Royal Armory Bundle is supposed to contain the Blade of Valor or if it is some kind of mistake. Either way, it’s something to remember if you’re looking to buy a few things with your COD Points.