How to Find a Hidden GPS Tracker on Your Car with 7 Steps

GPS Tracker

There are several reasons why you would like to detect a global positioning system tracker in your car. You might be worried about being illegally tracked by someone, or maybe you bought a used car that has a tracker installed. If you are not sure if you have a GPS tracker installed in your car, you can buy a radio frequency (RF) detector and take it to the mechanic and find the hidden GPS tracker on your car. Here are the detailed steps:

Step 1

Go to a mechanic and have him do a deep search on the wiring, the mechanical parts and the engine of your car. A car GPS tracker can be intricately intertwined in the wiring and can go unnoticed by anyone who does not have an expert eye. Be sure to tell the mechanic that you are looking for a GPS tracker, so he can stay alert and detect something unusual.

Step 2

Thoroughly inspect the car chassis. A tracker can be attached to the wheels, axles and in any pipe, crack and joint under the vehicle. Use your hands to feel the places you can’t see. If there is no tracker outside the car, start looking inside.

Step 3

Park your car in a place where other GPS signals are unlikely to be emitted. Store security devices, traffic lights, security cameras and GPS systems of other cars can emit signals. If you can drive to a remote field or near a lake or river, there should not be other GPS signals.

GPS trackers

Step 4

Connect the radio frequency detector to the power source of your car and adjust it to detect outgoing signals continuously. The signals of a GPS tracker can be sent every few seconds or every 20 minutes. The longest time you may have to wait for the signal is 20 minutes. That is if you turn on your RF detector right after a signal was sent.

Step 5

Wait until the RF detector emits a signal. If it does not detect signals in half an hour, or there are no GPS trackers in your car or your detector is not working well. If you get a signal, you will have to find the GPS by hand.

Step 6

Track your car with the RF detector until the detection signal becomes stronger. This will help you find the tracker. The problem is that you might get a signal every 20 minutes, so finding the tracker could take a long time.

Step 7

Search the entire interior of your car. A GPS device can be as small as a matchbox, so you’ll have to examine it thoroughly. You may also have to remove certain parts of your car before finding the tracker. It can be on the door panels, on the steering wheel column or even on the dashboard. Be sure to examine the cushions, under the carpets and pedals, and in the trunk.