GOODRAM IRDM Ultimate X, PRO SSD Gen.2 specifications and pricing details revealed

GOODRAM IRDM Ultimate X review specifications

The Polish manufacturer of RAM and solid storage devices, GOODRAM, has gone through the new edition of the Berlin fair, IFA 2019. In this event they have been showing, not only part of their already extensive catalog. Also several of its novelties that will be released during the second half of this year 2019. Among these developments, a new PCIe SSD developed for the AMD platform stands out, which uses PCIe 4.0 as a data transmission bus.

The Ultimate X IRDM is the NVMe SSD we just talked about. The SSD has been developed in conjunction with AMD to be used on its AMD Ryzen 2 platform, along with its X570 chipset motherboards.

The new NVMe SSD is covered by a heat sink on one of its faces, given the high temperatures that these types of devices can reach, when in use.

This new NVMe SSD will arrive on the market at the beginning of November 2019. It will be sold with capacities of 500/1000 and 2000 GB, with prices of 187.03 / 291.06 and 588.31 euros respectively for each capacity.

Goodram PRO SSD Gen.2 reviews

This SSD is a more normal model, in that it is an SSD in 2.5-inch format. This new generation of one of the SSD that has sold the brand in its history, reaches its 2nd Generation with a very important change in its design. Leave aside the NAND MLC memory used by the previous model, to replace it with 3D TLC memory, which is now much more widespread in the market. In fact, on this website we already had the opportunity to analyze the model of the previous generation, which left us with a very good taste.

These new GOODRAM SSDs will reach the market at the end of this month of September 2019. The storage capacities that will be available to them will be 256/512/1024 and 2048 GB. The prices they will have when they reach the market will be 48.31 / 80.52 and 151.11 euros. For the 2 TB version the manufacturer has not yet communicated its sale price.

To end solid storage, the manufacturer has introduced its new SD and microSD cards, with read speeds of 100 MB / s, and 70 MB / s in write operations. These memory cards are developed to be extremely resistant.

The new memory cards will be sold in two storage capacities : 64 and 128 GB. Their price will be 10.41 and 20.94 for SD models, while microSD format models will be priced at 8.56 and 15.99 euros respectively.

The PRO DDR4 memory line from the manufacturer GOODRAM seeks to offer maximum benefits to users. And this new line of RAM memory starts with DDR4 modules with a frequency of 3,600 MHz.

These new RAM modules will start arriving in stores from the middle of next October of this year 2019. They can only be purchased in the form of a single 8 GB module, or in packs formed by two of these RAM modules, for a total of 16 GB. The price of a single module will be 42.12 euros, while the 16 GB pack will be priced at 84.23 euros.