Rikomagic MK903V specifications, comes with Rockchip RK3288

We saw the Rikomagic MK903V back in June and that time it was not given a casing. Now it has been given a final shape and the company has unveiled its official specs as well.

We now know that the Rikomagic MK903V specifications include an adjustable Wi-Fi antenna, 2x micro USB ports, OTG port, micro SD card reader, full size USB 2.0 port and a very lovely housing.

There is 2 gigabytes of RAM inside and 8GB of flash storage which is expandable via micro SD card slot. As mentioned in the title, the Rikomagic MK903V comes with Rockchip RK3288 processor with a clock rate of 1.8 GHz.

The CPU is backed by ARM Mali T764 GPU that supports 4K video as well. The machine runs Android 4.4 kitkat operating system.

Rikomagic MK903V

It is already on sale on AliExpress for about 122 dollars which rounds about to 92 euro.

InkCase Plus Review, an excellent phone with E-Ink display

Here is a review of the InkCase Plus sample that arrived around couple of weeks after the Kickstarter campaign started. The first thing you will notice is how much the overall design has been improved over the previous testing models shown last year.

InkCase Plus Review

The InkCase Plus features a 3.5 inch screen with E-Ink technology that is custom built to fit smartphone models. Processing power comes form SpreadTrum SC6531 chip which is more than enough powerful to run its 360×600 resolution display.

On the front there are three buttons on the front and inside you will find a battery, USB and Bluetooth port. 

The overall design of the device is great – it is fast and light. Page turning is similar to what you get on a Kindle eReader – swift and fluid.

The software is excellent – you get Android 4.2 OS, Comparison app to control music and send notifications from your phone, sports app and ebook app.

The sports application lets you track the calories burnt and distances covered.

The ebook app you get with InkCase Plus is EpiReader. While it is an ugly application lacking on the features front, it gets the job done and supports myriad formats that includes PDF, Mobi, DRM and non-DRM Epub.

The font is very crisp and perfectly reader on its 3.5 inch display.

IndusInd Bank launches Online Store themorestore.in

IndusInd Bank has launched an exclusive online store for its customers. A website called themorestore.in has been launched to enable customers to redeem their reward points towards purchase of items from an attractive online catalogue as well as purchase attractive merchandise from the site.

This site is similar to Payback.in which was launched by ICICI to allow its customers to redeem reward points.

The MoreStore has three powerful shopping experiences to offer: Redemption, Shopping and Redemption + Shopping.

1. With Redemption, customers can redeem their reward points (across debit and credit cards) against over 200 products listed in the catalogue.

2. With Shopping, customers can shop across categories like lifestyle, health & beauty, gadgets and many more

3. With Redemption + Shopping, they can buy a product from The MoreStore catalogue using their reward points and pay the remaining amount using their Credit Card.

Mr. Anil Ramachandran, Head Retail Unsecured Assets- Credit Card & Personal Loans, IndusInd Bank said,

The launch of The MoreStore is in line with our on-going commitment   to constantly innovate, and to bring to our customers the best services, products and benefits. We already have one of the strongest and most vibrant Rewards program in the country and The MoreStore goes a step ahead by creating a strong and diversified redemption platform. It is, in fact, a  first-of- its-kind  e-commerce solution exclusively for our customers. They can use this dedicated e-commerce website for redemption of their Credit Card and Debit Card reward points as well as for their online shopping.