OnePlus DR-1 Mini Drone review

OnePlus is a fast growing Android manufacture and it has extended its product portfolio by introducing a new product. The surprising thing here is that it is not a phone. The OnePlus DR-1 while was shown off on April 1 this year, it is actually a real product that will be made in small numbers. The OnePlus DR-1 is a cheaper alternative to all the expensive models on sale right now. OnePlus DR-1 price is just €19.99 / $21.

OnePlus DR-1 reviews

Take to the Skies

The DR-1 is an advanced aerial quadcopter that embodies the legacy of flight and the bravery to question everything. Cameras add weight, so we didn’t add a camera. We wanted to design a drone that is streamlined for speed, control, and precision, and that’s exactly what we did. The DR-1 was designed just for you.

OnePlus DR-1 review mini drone

The Spirit of Aviation

Featuring four flexible blades and an advanced 6­-axis gyroscopic stabilization system, the DR­1 expands upon the framework laid out by the aviation pioneers who came before us. Our aerodynamic unibody ensures ideal weight distribution, durability and balance. And, our Quick Charge technology allows for a full battery charge in under 20 minutes, so you’ll never be grounded for long.

An Aerial Ballet

Show gravity that you mean business. The DR­1’s four independent rotors automatically adjust for wind speeds and atmospheric shifts. AI­-controlled multi-directional flips make aerial acrobatic impossibly easy, and our state­-of-­the-­art rotor protection assembly means you’ll never hesitate to push the envelope. Be brave.

OnePlus DR-1 review

You’re in Control

The DR-1’s ergonomic control pad marries simplicity with advanced power features. Our intuitive dual-stick system allows for lift, direction, speed, throttle, tilt, flight-mode, and more to be controlled with extreme responsiveness and ease. Featuring dual independent control scheme settings, the DR-1 adapts to your skill level and mood.

Go Anywhere

Despite its advanced features and technologies, the DR-1 is surprisingly lightweight and easy to carry. Experience the next age of aviation technology with effortless transportation and storage. Wherever you go, it will be right there with you.