What exactly do I use everyday?

I own a custom made desktop. Honestly, I don’t use it much. Why? Answer is silly, but it is because I cannot use it on my bed, toilet(!) etc. Had I bought the EEE before my desktop, it just wouldn’t have been there gathering dust.

So, what do I use in day-to-day life?

What exactly do I use everyday?

So, what do you see in the above pic?

  1. A black Asus EEE non-surf
  2. HTC P4350(herald)
  3. Nokia E61i
  4. Acer Aspire laptop

I use my Asus EEE for programming on-the-go, which may sound odd for many. Frankly speaking, I find the EEE’s keyboard quite spacious when compared to the UMPCs like Fujitsu U810, SONY UX etc. The only one that comes close to EEE’s keyboard and EEE’s size is Kohjinsha’s SH8/SH6(aka Vye S37).

Speed on my laptop is just near to 85 WPM and on EEE, it is 75WPM, which is wonderful for a netbook

SPB Backup 2.0 Review

All of us want our data to be secure. Have you ever been in a situation when you have lost all your data and do not know what to do? This wont happen again. Bought a new device? Want to make configure to just like your previous device quickly? Or do you want to flash a new ROM but you just don’t have the site to set-up it? Well you can do all that with the new SPB Backup v2.0. It’s better and it’s improved!

SPB Backup 2.0 Review

A FULL BACKUP lets you make a backup of all the data on your device.

A CUSTOM BACKUP lets you choose the data you wish to backup. You can even make a backup of your selected data from the various categories like PIM, Emails, My Documents, Program Files, System data, etc.

In SCHEDULED BACKUP you can fix the days and time in a week when you want the backup to be made. When scheduled backup is enabled, SPB Backup would automatically make a backup of all your data on the set day and time every week.

Now lets see some of the important settings of SPB Backup v2.0.

As you can see in the above screenshot, there is an option to stop all other processes before the backup process starts. Also, you can choose to create log files in case of any errors in the backup process.

If you keep the “create stand-alone restorer” ticked, then you need to have SPB Backup installed in your device, while restoring the data.

This option lets you make your backup password protected. Link to SPB Backup version 1.0 review.

It is clear from the above screenshot that you can select the files or the data of which you do not want the backup to be made.

SPB Backup v2.0 also runs on smartphones. Here is a screenshot of SPB Backup v2.0 running on a Windows mobile standard device(aka Smartphone)

It also supports ROM upgrade mode, i.e you can restore your old backup even after a ROM upgrade.

Another very useful feature of SPB Backup v2.0 is that it supports device upgrade mode, i.e you can restore the backup of one device in another.

Now, you can very easily sync your backup to your desktop. In that case, your backup file is automatically copied to your desktop when you sync your device to your PC. Also, now you can extract and explore the contents of the backup file in your desktop itself. Here are some screenshots of the desktop tool


  • Very user-friendly
  • supports scheduled backup
  • ROM upgrade mode
  • Device upgrade mode
  • Speed improvements over v1
  • Desktop sync tool supporter
  • Option for scheduled backup
  • Make full backup or select the files you want to backup
  • The backup file can be either encrypted or compressed
  • Can also be run on smartphone
  • Extract and explore the contents of the backup file on your desktop itself


In my opinion, none :)

Webpage: http://spb.com/
Price: $24.95 (upgrade from version 1 will cost $9.95)
Product version: 2.0
Installer size (cab): 1.42 MB
Supported languages: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Czech
Registration type: Shareware
Supported OS (device): Windows Mobile 2003, 5.0, 6.0, and 6.1
Supported OS (desktop): Windows 2000 SP3+, 2003, XP, and Vista
Size in ROM:1.42 MB
RAM consumption: 150 KB on configure stage; up to 6MB during backup process

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Funny Microsoft blooper

I was doing some surfing on my EEE and found this advertisement by Microsoft. Just when I saw this advertisement, something immediately struck my mind that something is looking odd :roll:

The picture shows an HTC S620 running live search. As most of the windows mobile users know that this is a Windows Mobile standard device, which are non-touch screen devices. The screenshot is from a touch screen device(start menu is on top-left). :!:

Thankfully, the target site features a Touch NOT running windows mobile standard version of windows live 8-)

Microsoft Origami Experience 2.0 avaliable for download

Yes, this is a great news for all the UMPC users. But, the XP users are out of luck as the Origami experience 2.0 requires Windows Vista to work.


Microsoft Origami Experience 2.0 contains these four programs for an ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) running Windows Vista:

  • Origami Central
    Central gives you instant access to all your media, programs, and the Internet, with the touch of a finger.
  • Origami Now
    Now gives you one-touch access to the most important information at any given time and place.
  • Origami Picture Password
    With a Picture Password, you can log on to Windows and unlock your computer by tapping a sequence of targets on a picture, instead of typing a password.
  • Touch Settings
    Touch Settings combines several settings in Windows Vista into one place to make it easier to customize a touch screen.

System Requirements

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista Business; Windows Vista Enterprise; Windows Vista Home Premium; Windows Vista Ultimate

Microsoft Origami Experience 2.0 is designed for ultra-mobile PCs (UMPCs).

A UMPC with the following specifications: –

  • Minimum 100 MB of available hard disk space
  • Minimum 1 GB of system memory
  • Touch panel display (required for Origami Picture Password)

The UMPC must have the following software installed: –

  • Windows Internet Explorer 7. Origami Experience 2.0 requires Internet Explorer 7 for its RSS platform.
  • Windows Media Player 11. Origami Central requires Windows Media Player 11 in order to manage and play media.
  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. The calendar tile in Origami Now works only with Office Outlook 2007 Calendar. The mail tile in Origami Now works with Office Outlook 2007 Mail and Windows Mail.

Download Page

HTC Touch Diamond coming to Vodafone UK

Yes, Vodafone UK will be getting the HTC Touch Diamond very soon. Not only that, the users will be getting a free bluetooth handsfree car kit along it.

Price is not yet unveiled. Here is the description from the vodafone UK website:

Feature rich Windows Mobile 6.1 device utilising HTC’s new Touchflow UI. This device is in a tablet form factor meaning it is touch screen only. The Diamond surpasses the iPhone in all aspects, the key differentiator is the inherent flexibility of the Diamond. It comes loaded with Vodafone Email Plus and the Vodafone Sat Nav program. Launch expected in July

Vodafone UK link

Thaddeus Computing to publish iPhone Edition of Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine

Press Release:

Apple has created a huge stir with its announcement of the new $199 iPhone 3G, available mid-July. Appleinsider.com estimates that 45 million iPhones will be sold by the end of 2009.

Thaddeus Computing will support iPhone users with a print magazine and a companion Web site. The premier issue of the iPhone Edition of Smartphone & Pocket PC will be available mid-August on newsstands worldwide.

According to Thaddeus Computing CEO, Hal Goldstein:

“Given the incredible interest in the new iPhone, extending our Smartphone & Pocket PC brand to cover the iPhone and iPod touch is natural for us. We’ve been doing enthusiast mobile computing publications since 1985.

“We look forward to helping users get the most out of their iPhone or iPod touch and have already identified over 100 hidden tips about using built-in software and iTunes. Each issue will cover new software, top accessories, and best Web applications. Our ‘iPhone at Work’ section will assist both professionals and large organizations.”

Continue reading “Thaddeus Computing to publish iPhone Edition of Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine”

Press release: SPB Backup 2.0

Spb Software House, the leading Windows Mobile applications vendor, releases Spb Backup 2.0 — a tool for making reserve copies of personal data and system settings for Windows Mobile phones. Spb Backup safeguards from data loss, eliminates the pain of reinstalling applications after a hard reset, a ROM or device upgrade, and delivers a flawless restore experience. The choice of ASUS and Gigabyte, Spb Backup became the best-sold backup utility for Pocket PC in 2007. The new Spb Backup 2.0 is smarter, twice as fast, and makes moving data between Windows Mobile phones as easy as unpacking an archive.

Spb Backup 2.0 will come to the rescue if a hard reset disaster strikes, or if the device is stolen or lost. Spb Backup Sync makes it easy to keep a recent copy of all data and system settings at a secure desktop PC location. Spb Backup 2.0 will restore from the archive, even if data has to be moved to a new device or ROM. The backing up process itself is so easy, that regular backups will become second nature. Spb Backup 2.0 works for both Pocket PCs and Smartphones and copies the entire device, including contacts, sms, emails, storage card files, and even preferences and shortcuts. Continue reading “Press release: SPB Backup 2.0”

iPhone 3G announced!

Today at WWDC, Apple finally “officially” announced the 3G iPhone. This version will come in 2 sizes and comes in at a very good price. The 8gb version is available only in black and will only cost $199 and the 16gb version will come in black and white and will run $299.

What’s new in the 3G iPhone?

  • 3G data
  • Flushed earphone/headphone jack
  • GPS
  • Better Audio

Samsung i900 Omnia!

Rumors are great when they finally come true and the rumored Samsung i900 is finally about to be a reality. Called the Omnia, this is one Windows Mobile device that should be strong competition for the upcoming 3G iPhone and when you look at what this device comes with, it may well top the new HTC Touch Diamond. At a glance you get Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro, a 3.2-inch WideQVGA display (240 x 400 pixels) and an optical mouse much like the one found in the Samsung i780. A 5 megapixel auto focus camera using face and smile detection is a big attraction for those that want a decent camera with their device.  In addition there is a built-in GPS receiver.

Samsung i900 Omnia waistline is only 12.5mm and the brushed metal back certainly adds to its refined looks. That figure along with the other dimensions makes it rather identical to the Apple iPhone. Most importantly the i900 shares with the iPhone the same massive internal memory – both an 8GB and a 16GB i900 versions will be available with the microSD still present for further expanding those with up to 16 gigs worth of storage.