Acer not much interested in Windows Mobile – going to launch its first Android handset in September

Last month at the MWC 2009, Acer displayed their upcoming handset. At that time, nothing was known about the OS that handset was using. Most of us thought that it is certainly going to be a Windows Mobile OS as they bought Eten last year, which was a Windows Mobile manufacture. Now, according to a confidential source, Acer has chosen Google Android as its OS. There are two main reason for it:

  • Open Source
  • Popular demand

Nothing else is known about the upcoming handset other than the OS it is using. Acer not using Windows mobile is not going to make the Windows Mobile fans much happy. Already, HTC, SAMSUNG, LG and Motorola have joined the Android league. Now, Acer is also a part of the league. Who is next? We guess, SONY ERICSSON

[via businessmirror]

Palm's new website

The Palm has updated the looks of their website. It looks better and more user-friendly although it feels a little slower than the previous one.

May be they are all set for their rumored new unveiling. Palm, don’t let us down this time! Now, if only they could pay same attention to their devices..

Go to

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Android Dev Phone 1: a SIM-unlocked and hardware-unlocked G1 – just $399

Google never leaves a chance to surprise us. It has unvieled the Dev Phone 1, which is fully SIM unlocked, which means that you are not bound to use the T-mobile SIM.  Also, it is hardware unlocked which means that the bootloader is not locked and can use custom bootloaders in the future, if required. Also, it would let you use custom builds of Android.

However, in order to get one of these, you must register yourself as a Android developer at the Android market place, which requires a $25 setup fee too. Shipping is free, if you live in US. It is also projected to be shipped to 18 countries!

Link to the Android market place

Facebook Panel for Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 released

A die-hard facebook fan and own a Sony Ericsson Xperia X1? Well, SE has released an exciting facebook panel for Xperia X1. It lets you do all the usual stuff like checking friend’s status, write on wall, check latest photos and much more!

facebook panel xperia x1

It would have been great if Sony Ericsson would released it for all windows mobile devices and not just Xperia X1

Anyway, here is it’s official page from where you can download

Amy DiGregorio Appleby Road Earrings

I have always been a fan of Amy DiGregorio designer earings. The 14k gold hooks and large green glass teardrops will go with every single outfit in your closet.

These $70 earings look very nice and they dance too as you walk or jump!

Buy from here

Palm Centro review, an excellent phone

The Palm Centro is the latest smartphone powered by Palm OS. Some people have said that the Centro is a Treo on a diet. It is slimmer, shorter and lighter than the Treo 680. The Centro has the looks that target the youth, who yearn for a feature packed device with QWERtY keyboard and smartphone features all in a small and light form factor.

Palm Centro looks so small in my hands

Ergonomics and usability

This device weighs at 124gm which is not that light, but considering it being a smartphone, that is not a big figure. It is still lighter than most of the smartphone in the market.The device has nice curves and being small in size, it can easily be operated by one-hand. This is a nice news for the people who don’t want to use both hands to operate the device. The D-pad works well in navigating through the features of the device. The ‘answer’ and ‘end’ are big and easy-to-reach. My thumb was able to get to every part of the screen if I want to use my thumb instead of d-pad. The Centro looks different from other phones. It has front-face QWERTY keyboard but does not look like blackberry. It looks different from the HTC and SE UIQ devices.

It is powered by Palm OS!

Now, the exclamation(!) mark above depicts both happiness and sadness about the Palm OS. Palm OS has been the easiest operating systems ever according to me. It is easier than iPhone. It is simple, fast and stable. Anyone can get accostomed to it very easily as the whole interface is very intutive.
Here comes the bad part. Being powered by Palm OS, it can not multi-tasking. But, due to some nice optimisations done in the device by Palm, it can run media player(Pocket Tunes) in the background while you can do other stuff. Palm OS has great support of applications. For the tech guys, it runs Palm OS garnet 5.4.9


The device comes with ~69MB of storage out of which ~64MB is user-accessible. The storage memory is non-volatile meaning that the data will remain intact in case the battery is fully drained out. I rememeber that my Palm zire 71 came with 16MB of user avaliable of volatile memory and how frustrating it was to loose data when the battery used to ran out.

Storage can be expanded via micro-SD cards. Continue reading “Palm Centro review, an excellent phone”

GTalk for Iphone and Ipod Touch

Google has just released in the US a new version of Google Talk designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch browsers. In addition to sending your friends Gmail messages from your iPhone, you can now chat with them while you’re on the move, too! In your iPhone browser, just go to, sign in and start chatting. That’s it. Google Talk runs entirely in the browser so there’s no need to download or install anything.

There are some differences from using Google Talk on your computer. For instance, in order to receive instant messages with Google Talk on your iPhone, the application needs to be open in your Safari browser. When you navigate away to another browser window or application, your status will be changed to “unavailable” and your Google Talk session will be restarted when you return.

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VERTU'S concept phone

Vertu is one luxury phone maker that’s not afraid to take risks, as evidenced by such creations as its $310,000 “Signature Cobra” handset. But with competition in that space growing all the time, real or fake, it behooves the company to stay on the cutting edge.

So the designer Christopher Tak Cheung Yue has proposed a phone that takes some new angles–seven of them, to be exact. The seven-sided “Vertu Suave” concept is designed base on the modern definition of time as luxury. The sophisticated balance of angular and organic shape offers a comfort of interacting with this personal device adapting the rich life style of a modern female. The material uses precious metal yellow gold or pink gold as front, titanium rim and variation of fashionable sheep skin leather as back. It is a true luxury statement of elegant and confidence.

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