Download, Install Omni For the Oppo N1

Omni has now been ported to the Oppo N1 Android phone. Make sure you do a backup of everything important you have on your phone because after installing it, data will be lost. You also need to have TWRP on your phone.

Download, Install Omni For the Oppo N1

Download it from here. Since there are no pre installed Google Apps, you should separately install them from here (no big deal if you do not need it).

You will have to flash it using TWRP – stock recovery would not work if you want to install custom ROMs. To do that, download the file and put it on your SD card. Get into recovery and select the file in TWRP and flash it.

Download CM on Oppo N1

This tutorial will explain how to download CM and install it on your Oppo N1 Android phone. Before you proceed, make backup of anything important you have on your phone. After you done with that, make sure you have TWRP as your recovery. Stock recovery would not work.

Download CM on Oppo N1

Second, it is important to be on stock ROM. It does not matter if you are rooted or not. Now, download the fully flash able ZIP from here. Put it on your SD card and reboot to recovery and flash the ZIP from there.

You are not done yet. Reboot into TWRP and go to Advanced Wipe -> Wipe Dalvik Cache, Cache, and Data.

Galaxy Core: Download Multi Window

Thanks to kind folks at XDA, the Samsung galaxy core users can have multi window functionality on their phones. All you have to do is get the multiwindow.apk file from here; put it on the root folder of your phone; reboot to cwm recovery; install my zip from SD card and install it on your phone.

Galaxy Core Download Multi Window

To use multi window on the phone, there is need to have root access, as well as CWM recovery, and can be used on any deodexed Galaxy Core ROM.

Download Galaxy Core Stock Deodexed ROM

For many reasons, you might require a deodexed, zipaligned and debloated ROM for your Samsung galaxy core. The ROM is plain stock, and does not have any bloatware, and is deodexed, and zipaligned. To install, follow these steps. Just make sure to backup your data before proceeding.

Download Galaxy Core Stock Deodexed ROM

1. Download the ROM from here and power off your phone.
2. Boot into CWM recovery by pressing home+power+volume up
3. Select wipe data / factory reset
4. Select wipe cache
5. Flash the zip
6. Do steps 3-4 again.

Download Install CWM Recovery on Galaxy Core

To do any sort of modding on your Samsung galaxy core, you will need to download and install CWM clockworkmod recovery. While with the stock recovery, you can wipe your phone, clear cache, with the CWM recovery, you can install custom ROMs, make Nandroid backup and even partition your SD card.

First, you will to install Galaxy Core Drivers on your computer. Download them from here. To get CWM recovery, you will need ODIN (download link) and CWM file (download link).

Download Install CWM Recovery Galaxy Core

Before you proceed, ensure that, you have 30 percent or more battery. Copy Recovery.tar File In ODIN Folder. Open settings on your phone and go tot developer options > tick USB Debugging. Now, turn off your phone.

Now, go into download mode. You can do that by pressing and holding the Volume Down + Home Key + Power Key. Do that for few seconds until download screen comes up. Press Volume Up key to proceed.

Connect your phone via USB cable and open ODIN. Click on PDA button and select recovery.tar file. Press the start button to start the process. It should display pass.

Samsung Galaxy Core Store Apps on SD Card

Samsung Galaxy Core users get only 8GB of flash storage, out of which only 4GB is available to the user. While you can use micro SD card to expand storage, only internal storage is used for storing apps. Here is a guide on how make everything store on external micro SD card.

Samsung Galaxy Core Store Apps on SD Card

1. First root your Samsung Galaxy Core by following step by step instructions from here.
2. Now, download external2internal app from Play store.
3. Start external2internal app and grant it root access. Tick send rescan and use per default options.
4. Then press Original Mounting Point And Change To ‘storage/sdcard0’.
5. Now, select original External Mounting Point And Change To ‘storage/ExtSdCard’.
6. Tap Ext.Sdcard Device Access and Change The Value From 179:49 to 179:33.
7. Now press back button and tick, At Boot Option and select External>Internal.
8. Wait for some time and reboot your Samsung Galaxy Core.

If still no success, go to external2internal app again Press External>Internal.

How to Root Oppo N1

Rooting allows you to perform super user specific tasks. For example, if you need access to the internal file system, or you need to run app that require super user (Super SU) access, you will need to root your Oppo N1 phone. Here are the steps on how to Root Oppo N1.

First, install TWRP / CWM on your Oppo N1. Then, install this APK on your phone. Then, fire up Play market, and install Super Su app from market. You will find Super Su on your phone after installing the apk. You can optionally install busybox too.

Download Oppo N1 TWRP CWM

TWRP for the Oppo N1 phone has been released. It provides same functionality as CWM, but lets user interact with the phone using touchscreen (no more volume rocker or power buttons to press).

Download Oppo N1 TWRP CWM

To download TWRP to your Oppo N1,

1) Install GooManager from the Play Store
2) Open GooManager and provide root permissions
3) Hit Menu (or the button with the 3 dots on your screen) and then Install OpenRecovery

Download Un Official XDA Reader

We are huge fans of XDA portal. After all, it is the most active developer community in the world. Now, a developer called Eatheat has churned out an app to read the news feed. The app is called XDA Reader, and it offers a lot of features. It has a slick Holo user interface, and has 4x built in themes.  Here are its list of features.

Download Un Official XDA Reader

Loads image and text in both the lists and the detailed view.
Loads feeds by asynctask. No heavy load on main UI.
10 latest posts from the Portal.
Ability to swipe through detail view to go on to the next feed.
Offline reading.
Complete Holo UI.
4 inbuilt themes to choose from.
Live preview of new theme directly on screen. No need to restart every time to select your choice. However, restart of app is need for applying the full theme.

There are two versions – free and pro. The pro adds these 3 features.

Get 12 inbuilt themes.
Ability to switch to full screen.
Ability to use expanded mode removing the StatusBar and the ActionBar.

[Free version link] [Pro version download link]