Download Galaxy S4 i9505 Google Edition Android 4.4 Firmware

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy S4 but hate Touch Wiz so much that want to get rid of it? Well, even if you install a custom home launcher, you still would not be able to totally get rid of atrocious touch wiz. The only way is to install a Google Edition firmware. On top of icing, it is using Android 4.4 base.

Download Galaxy S4 i9505 Google Edition Firmware

Download the S4 Google Edition ROM

Get it from here and put it into storage card. Then boot into recovery. Then, wipe the data and cache. Reboot the phone.

No bugs in the ROM

The best thing about this ROM is that there are no bugs at all, at least as claimed by its developer.

Where is IR blaster app?

The IR blaster app is not included so, download IR remote app from playstore. Here is the link. Also the S-view cover would not let you answer calls with the flap closed. This is actually Samsung’s fault as they have not included this functionality in Google edition Galaxy S4.

Other than that, everything is working out of the box, including TV out (MHL) functionality. Watch On, however, would not work.