Pipo K1 Specifications, keyboard PC with Windows 10, Photo and Review

Pipo has launched its first keyboard PC and it is called the Pipo K1. Our friends have done Pipo k1 review and they are very impressed with the official package.

Pipo K1 review

Pipo K1 brings back memories of the original Asus Eee Keyboard PC which also packed an entire computer (sans display) into a keyboard.

Pipo K1 Specifications

It is quite bizarre to see that Asus Eee Keyboard PC was much thinner.

Asus Eee keyboard is thinner than Pipo K1

Pipo K1 specifications include Windows 10 operating system, Intel Atom bay trail processor, 2GB of RAM, 32 / 64GB of flash storage, one VGA, one HDMI, two USB ports, an RJ-45 Ethernet, a slot for microSD and audio jacks.

Pipo K1 reviews

Pipo has even packed two stereo speakers on the sides. There is a power on / off switch and built in wireless LAN module.

Using Pipo K1 is really simple – just connect the keyboard PC to the monitor or home television via HDMI or VGA cable and it will turn into a desktop computer. You can then use it to surf the Internet, work with the Office suite, listen to music and watch movies in streaming. The touchpad recognizes certain gestures, which could help in the usage of the Mini PC with Windows 10 that is very gesture friendly. photos and videos courtesy of notebookitalia.it.