Yoga Home 900 is a 27 inch tablet PC that doubles as desktop

Lenovo has launched Yoga Home 900 tablet PC that dons a massive 27 inch display. The display packs touch panel allowing the user to use it as massive slate tablet.

Lenovo Yoga Home 900 review

This is very similar to the Lenovo Horizon 27 inch that the company launched back in 2013 but is much slimmer and user friendly thanks to latest Windows 10 operating system.

Yoga Home 900 review

Few years ago, we though that tablet top computers will be conquering the desktop PC market but that never happened. HP, Sony and Asus have launched several touch screen desktop computers in the market but none of them were successful among the people.

Lenovo Yoga Home 900 specs

With the launch of Apple iPad Pro, a lot of users have started giving heed to tablets with big displays. Windows operating system has matured a lot too in handling higher DPI and big screens which has made this niche popular again.

The Lenovo Yoga Home 900 packs some amazing specs for desktop. For instance, it comes with an Intel Core i7 skylake processor that is manufactured using 14nm technology. This ensures maximum efficiency and less heat generation.

Lenovo Yoga Home 900 specifications

Graphics are handled by Nvidia GeForce 940M graphics, full HD resolution, 8GB RAM, 1TB hard disk and built in battery that will yield about three hours before dying. It will be in stores by late October with prices starting at 1499 dollars.