StorageTools Reviewed – for Windows Mobile professional

StorageTools is a great application that lets you manage your storage cards and even perform de-fragmentation providing great speed improvements.

Windows Mobile OS is the most flexible mobile OS in the phone arena. Unfortunately, the file explorer that comes with the Windows mobile device is too basic when compared to it’s desktop counterpart. It does not offer any utility to manage the memory card of your device.

Fear not. StorageTools is there to rescue you. It has all the features you will ever need!


The installation was pretty straight forward. Nothing much to talk about here.

The SoftWinter StorageTools starts with a simple interface which basically gives the user information about the memory card that is there in your device. It gives you information about the free space available; type of file system; sector sizea and cluster size.

In the format tab, you will find various options related to formatting. You can select the type of file system. Supported file system are:

  • FAT12
  • FAT16
  • FAT32

Cluster size can vary from 512bytes to 64 KB. If you plan to store a lot of small files, consider having a small cluster size as this will result in more efficient utilization of resources. However, this will also affect the speed of the memory card. Bigger cluster size does mean improvement in speed, but if you store a lot of small files, then it would be nothing but wastage of space. Use a bigger cluster size, if you plan to store big files like music files and video files.

When you are through with the options, you can click the “Format” button to format the storage card. If you select Backup FAT, it would use more space but in case your card gets corrupted, you will have higher chances of recovering the data.

Let us move to the Scan tab. This is used to fix the bad sectors( if any )


It is a highly debatable topic whether the solid state media should be defragmented. Some people say that it results in speed improvements. Some say that it is useless to perform defragmentation on a solid state media.

Whether you plan to use this feature or not, this is the only windows mobile professional application that lets you defrag the storage cards.

Personally, I DID NOT experience any speed improvements.

Price: $14.95