Stylus Control for HTC Touch Diamond

Kai Pocket PC software has released an application that lets you specify particular tasks every time you take the stylus in or out from your HTC Touch Diamond.

With Stylus Control can you at inserting or pulling out the PDA-Pen execute certain actions, e.g. start a program, switch off the device etc. The program works with the HTC Touch Diamond and identical devices, as there is a Sensor for the Pen built in.

  • Insert Pen: start program, switch off
  • Pull out Pen: switch on, start program, display today screen
  • Animation: A virtual Pen moves on the screen in and out
  • Settings: activate Sensor, sound on action
  • At this time it works only on devices from HTC with integrated Pen Sensor

Price: $7 || Link to Kai’s Pocket PC software