FTP browser for Windows Mobile: CedeFTP 2.5 reviewed

CedeFTP is a FTP file browser for windows mobile professional AKA Pocket PC devices. It has all the features one would expect from a regular FTP client that one uses on the PC. The CedeFTP is fast, reliable and easy-to-use!

The CedeFTP 2.5 flaunts the classic look. It does not have soft keys or fancy graphics. But, that does not matters much to the mobile professional who generally use the stylus to get their critical work done.

Let’s us open/inititiate a new FTP session by going to File>Open

Here, you will have to enter the FTP information of your web server. Enter your information and click on the Connect button. You will be presented with a History window.

You will have 3 tabs availble: Remote, Local and History

  • Remote tab presents you with files and folders which are there on the web server
  • Local( by default ) shows the “my documents” folder of your device
  • History shows the information regarding the data transfer

Under the Remote tab, you can tap-n-hold on the folder or file to perform various operations. For example: you can download the full folder or a particular file(s) from the server.

You can even set the file permissions! This is done by chmod command. The chmod is a linux command which is used to alter the user priveleges. For example: The ability to run the file; open the file; edit the file and so on.


Settings are available under Tools>Settings. Here are few self-explanatory screenshots.

You can also use proxy server. This will enable you to use the application under corporate environments, where you have to use the company’s proxy server in order to log on to the internet.

Throttle-ing is also available. This will let you set a speed barrier.

Overall, I am very impressed with the quality of the CedeFTP 2.5. The developer of this application has done a wonderful job of making the application easy and to-the-point. I had no problems in transferring data to-and-from from my device and my web server.


  • easy to use
  • bookmark support
  • very helpful  history tab
  • fast and secure


  • interface needs to be redone
  • no soft keys

Price: $19.95

Url: http://www.noisette-software.com/products/pocketpc/CedeFTP/

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