Aexea KeyXpress Flash Drive looks like a USB key!

Functionality wise, this can be touted as just another USB flash drive, but not design wise. The Aexea KeyXpress looks like a traditional key. The only difference is that it can not be used to open your door ;)

It comes in black, green and light blue color and costs $27. The only gripe: It is not nice to read/write surface exposed all the time. Is it :?:

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Wireless network configuration just got a lot easier! The Wi-Fi Detective instantly detects wireless hotspots, and offers an LCD display for simplified hotspot monitoring, providing the information you need to situate your network clients. Plus, the Wi-Fi Detective acts as a wireless network adapter, turning a wireless station into a WLAN access point. Plus, this handy device is equipped with a rechargeable Li-Polymer battery that can be charged each time the detector is connected to a powered USB port.

Not only is the Wi-Fi Detective a WiFi detector but it can also be used as a USB wireless LAN adapter with transfer rates up to 54Mbps.

The rechargeable battery which can be charged through any USB port is perfect for mobile users

Price: $74.99


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HTC 3-in-one USB adapter reviewed!

From the past couple of years, we have seen new trends set by the HTC. Most of them have been liked by everybody. But, there was something that has seemed to cripple the functionality. One of these is the use of HTC ext-USB in their devices. Now, this ext-USB uses the same port for charging, syncing and as earphone. Thats a lot!

Many of us got frustrated due to this. Very soon, HTC came up with this accessory, HTC 3-IN-ONE USB ADAPTER. Continue reading “HTC 3-in-one USB adapter reviewed!”