Asus MG279Q is a monitor with FreeSync support

Earlier it was not know if the Asus MG279Q supports AMD FreeSync or not but today it was confirmed by an AMD representative that the Asus MG279Q will indeed support FreeSync technology. However it will be limited to a minimum of 40 Hz and a maximum of 120 Hz.

Asus MG279Q review

Here are the exact words of AMD,

AMD does not have a black or white list for FreeSync monitors, and while the monitor supports the standard DisplayPort 1.2a, it can operate at variable refresh rate (VRR) provided by the manufacturer.

An Asus representative confirmed that the new Asus MG279Q features variable refresh rates between 40 and 120 H which means it will be compatible with AMD FreeSync. Asus MG279Q specifications include a 27 inch screen with IPS type panel. It has resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and has refresh rates of 120 Hz. Asus MG279Q has a contrast ratio of 1000: 1, 350 cd / m2 brightness and viewing angles of 178 degrees.

Port selection includes DisplayPort 1.2a +, a mini Display Port, two HDMi and MHL port with two USB 3.0 ports. The monitor will hit the market shelves by the end of March at a suggested price of $ 699.

Elecom SX-CL24L CL23L CL22L CL21L CL20 laptop coolers launched in Japan

Elecom has launched six new laptop coolers in the Japanese market. First is the SX-CL24L SX-CL23L which have blast mode switch that increases the rotational speed of the cooling fan. It features a 14 cm fan that spins at 1300 rpm that can cool down your laptop by up to 13 degrees. The main difference between the SX-CL24L and SX-CL23L is the use of built-in USB 3.0 hub that adds four additional ports. SX-CL24L price is ¥ 22,800 ($ 190) while the SX-CL23L retails for ¥ 15,100 ($ 125). Weight of SX-CL24L is about 1,580g and SX-CL23L weighs 1,530g.

Elecom SX-CL24L CL23L CL22L CL21L CL20

SX-CL22L – It is a notebook PC cooler with a stand where you can adjust the angle of the body. It is with a 20cm fan capable of doing maximum 800rpm which in turns cools down your laptop by 10 degrees. Price is ¥ 8,870 ($ 74).

SX-CL21L, SX-CL21- The SX-CL21L is for 15.4 inch to 17 inch laptops. The main difference between SX-CL21L and SX-CL21 is their size. The SX-CL21 can be used only with 12.1 to 14.1 inch laptops. Both come equipped with a 20cm fan capable of doing a maximum of 800rpm. With tax, the price of SX-CL21L is ¥ 8,870 while the SX-CL21 7,090 yen.

SX-CL20 – It is a flat cooler for laptops that can accommodate a wide range of laptops (12.1 – 17 inch). The price is ¥ 5,310 and is available in only black color.

Sony SL-BG1, SL-BG2 SSD are credit card sized

Sony has launched two external SSD devices that are no more than credit cards. The SL-BG2 solid state drive come with 256 gigabytes of storage space while the SL-BG1 model is being offered in only 128GB variant.

This is ideal for ultrabook users that often have to deal with limited storage space.  Both have highly durable built thanks to the brushed aluminum casing that does a good deal of job against vibration, shock and heat.

And since both Sony SL-BG1 and SL-BG2 make use of solid state technology, the data is immediately accessible. In fact you can get up to 290 MB / s if you use it on a USB 3.0 port. This ensures maximum efficiency and reliability.


Available in black and silver metallic colors, you can pre book it on official Sony’s website. 

Download Opera Mini Browser for Galaxy Gear S Smartwatch

The Samsung Galaxy Gear S smartwatch is the first watch to get a web browser as today Opera software has announced the release of its new Opera mini web browser for the Tizen based smartwatch.

You can download the Opera Mini v7.5 web browser  from Samsung Gear apps for free. Like any other Opera Mini browser it comes with smart page feature that shows links based on the websites that you visit frequently.

Download Opera Mini Browser for Galaxy Gear S Smartwatch

It also allows you to save web pages for offline reading. In fact, Opera has optimized it for saving data and reading pages off line.

Opera said in a blog post,

The Internet is something we are used to accessing wherever we are and on practically every device we use. But, for some reason, the smartwatch has been stripped of an Internet browser – until today. We’re happy to announce that Opera Mini has become the first web browser on a Tizen-based smartwatch, the new Samsung Gear S.

Netbook Car Kit Mount

This universal netbook car kit mount will hold most 7″-10″ netbooks securely to your dashboard via either the rigid suction mount or the extra long flexi suction mount. This car it is ideal for anyone that requires to use their netbook in a vehicle, keep your netbook of your laptop and make it easier to operate.

You have the option of getting a rigid mount or long flexi mount.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Secure
  • 2 x connection points
  • 2x different suction mount options
  • Sudden Weight Load: 15kg
  • Constant Weight Load: 5kg
  • Suitable width of device: 150~250mm
  • Suitable height of device: 175mm
  • Operating Temperature: -40 – 65
  • Lever Lifetime: 10,000 times

It costs just £19.99 and worldwide shipping is supported.

You can order from the following link

Sandisk Ultra Backup USB flash drive review – perfect way to backup your data [netbook and notebooks]

Netbooks have become very personal devices now. We carry them with us everywhere we go. This makes backing up data extremely important. Sandisk provides an excellent solution to this problem. From outside, it may look like a normal flash drive, but what makes it different from the rest of the flash drives is its easy-to-use backup feature. Its massive capacity of upto 64GB makes it ideal for storing huge consumer files too. Do we recommend it? Read the review and find it out yourself. 

Sandisk Ultra Backup USB flash drive review

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Are you a Mac FanGirl?

I am a PC and I’m proud to be that way. But, there are thousands of Mac FanGirls around the world. Right? Here is the perfect way to show to the world your love for the Macs.

And it does not come cheap. It costs a whopping $100. I guess you do remember that Macs have never been cheaper. So, if you want to ‘wear’ the Mac attitude, it will come at a price.

Click here to know more about it

Keepin' it real fake – 2PG TC8281

Ok, this portable gaming machine looks like a bit like Sony PSP, but don’t expect it to play any PSP games. It is just another cheap chinese rip-off, the 2PG TC8281handheld plays 8-bit and 16 bit retro games that come only on special multi-game cartridges.
The 2PG console comes with five built-in games, as-well-as an additional “112 in 1″ game cartridge, for a total of 117 games for under $50. Hundreds of additional games can be played if you know where to look for the proper cartridges. The system also has an AV out and comes with a funky-looking Playstation clone controller so you can play games on your TV.

If you’ve an appetite for such cheap Chinese stuff or if you’re unable to afford a PSP, you can get your hands on one of these from DealExtreme for $48.80 USD.

[via Technabob]

ICE+ Diamond USB drive?

Well, it may be just a 8GB Sandisk flash drive with 462(!) white diamonds embedded on it with it’s chain and case made from Platinum. But, there are a lot of people who like to show their bling on every possible occasion. Take a close look at the ICE+ USB drive

Anyway, Geek girls now have another umber cool accessory to flaunt. Oh, I forgot to mention the price. Just £15,500 ;)