Basis Peak Smartwatch is a fitness freak dream

Basis Peak is a fitness and sleek tracker that look very stylish and is equipped with advanced monitoring and smartphone notification system. It includes 24 hour heart rate monitoring that works all seven days in a week.

Basis Peak Review

Basis Peak supports automatic monitoring of activities, advanced analysis of sleep and can fetch smartphone notifications such as SMS, calls and e-mails. Basis Peak constantly monitors the movement , the perspiration and skin temperature. This multi-sensor, combined with the Body IQ Basis technology lets the smartwatch automatically detect the distance, running, pedaling, the phases and the quality of sleep.

Basis Peak watch Review

Basis Peak has battery life of up to four days, which is pretty good when you consider the fact that it monitor heart rate 24 hours a day. It also boasts water resistance up to 50 meters whcih is good enough to allow people do swimming. Basis has partnered with Runtastic which is one of the leading companies in the health and fitness app monitoring world. In fact, Basis Peak smartwatch users will enjoy a discount of 40 percent when enrolling for Runtastic Premium.

Basis Peak Reviews

Basis Peak Release dates

In Germany, Basis Peak will be available from mid-September on and at MediaMarkt and Saturn.
In France, Basis Peak is now available on and at Boulanger and i-Run.
In Italy, Basis Peak is available from today at MediaWorld.
In Switzerland, Basis Peak will be made available soon from Brack, Galaxus Melectronics at the price of 219 CHF.