Mediacom Mediasound DT450 DT420 Speakers for Gaming Enthusiasts

Mediacom is well known for its SmartPad tablet and PhonePad smartphone but today the company has launched two speakers by the name of Mediacom Mediasound DT450 and DT420. DT450 packs a very young and aggressive look which will excite those who use the computer or tablet to play or listen to music, videos and movies at full volume.

Mediacom Mediasound DT450 DT420 review

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Basis Peak Smartwatch is a fitness freak dream

Basis Peak is a fitness and sleek tracker that look very stylish and is equipped with advanced monitoring and smartphone notification system. It includes 24 hour heart rate monitoring that works all seven days in a week.

Basis Peak Review

Basis Peak supports automatic monitoring of activities, advanced analysis of sleep and can fetch smartphone notifications such as SMS, calls and e-mails. Basis Peak constantly monitors the movement , the perspiration and skin temperature. This multi-sensor, combined with the Body IQ Basis technology lets the smartwatch automatically detect the distance, running, pedaling, the phases and the quality of sleep.

Basis Peak watch Review

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Asus SDRW 08D2S U Lite DVD writer has mere 6 watt power consumption

Asus SDRW 08D2S U Lite is the newest USB powered portable DVD writer on sale. Priced at about 3300 Yen ($ 27), it consumes mere 6 watts of power and you do not a a separate power supply to use it. Supported list of operating systems include Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1, Mac OS X 10.5 or later. There are two colors to choose from, black and white.

Asus SDRW 08D2S U Lite specifications

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Asus MG279Q is a monitor with FreeSync support

Earlier it was not know if the Asus MG279Q supports AMD FreeSync or not but today it was confirmed by an AMD representative that the Asus MG279Q will indeed support FreeSync technology. However it will be limited to a minimum of 40 Hz and a maximum of 120 Hz.

Asus MG279Q review

Here are the exact words of AMD,

AMD does not have a black or white list for FreeSync monitors, and while the monitor supports the standard DisplayPort 1.2a, it can operate at variable refresh rate (VRR) provided by the manufacturer.

An Asus representative confirmed that the new Asus MG279Q features variable refresh rates between 40 and 120 H which means it will be compatible with AMD FreeSync. Asus MG279Q specifications include a 27 inch screen with IPS type panel. It has resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and has refresh rates of 120 Hz. Asus MG279Q has a contrast ratio of 1000: 1, 350 cd / m2 brightness and viewing angles of 178 degrees.

Port selection includes DisplayPort 1.2a +, a mini Display Port, two HDMi and MHL port with two USB 3.0 ports. The monitor will hit the market shelves by the end of March at a suggested price of $ 699.

Elecom SX-CL24L CL23L CL22L CL21L CL20 laptop coolers launched in Japan

Elecom has launched six new laptop coolers in the Japanese market. First is the SX-CL24L SX-CL23L which have blast mode switch that increases the rotational speed of the cooling fan. It features a 14 cm fan that spins at 1300 rpm that can cool down your laptop by up to 13 degrees. The main difference between the SX-CL24L and SX-CL23L is the use of built-in USB 3.0 hub that adds four additional ports. SX-CL24L price is ¥ 22,800 ($ 190) while the SX-CL23L retails for ¥ 15,100 ($ 125). Weight of SX-CL24L is about 1,580g and SX-CL23L weighs 1,530g.

Elecom SX-CL24L CL23L CL22L CL21L CL20

SX-CL22L – It is a notebook PC cooler with a stand where you can adjust the angle of the body. It is with a 20cm fan capable of doing maximum 800rpm which in turns cools down your laptop by 10 degrees. Price is ¥ 8,870 ($ 74).

SX-CL21L, SX-CL21- The SX-CL21L is for 15.4 inch to 17 inch laptops. The main difference between SX-CL21L and SX-CL21 is their size. The SX-CL21 can be used only with 12.1 to 14.1 inch laptops. Both come equipped with a 20cm fan capable of doing a maximum of 800rpm. With tax, the price of SX-CL21L is ¥ 8,870 while the SX-CL21 7,090 yen.

SX-CL20 – It is a flat cooler for laptops that can accommodate a wide range of laptops (12.1 – 17 inch). The price is ¥ 5,310 and is available in only black color.