Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO review – Best wireless mouse for gamers

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Although wireless mice were not recommended for gaming for a long time due to their low performance and high latency, today things have changed. Meet Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO which we believe is the best wireless mouse for gamers.

Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO review

Especially when we use high-end mice, which have wireless technologies capable of offering outstanding performance, just like any wired model, but without having to be aware of the cable.

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Corsair, as one of the main gaming peripherals on the market, has several models of wireless mice to choose from. But if we are looking for the latest technology, we should definitely take a look at its Dark Core RGB Pro.

The Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro is one of the best wireless mouse we can find today. This mouse does not have a revolutionary design, but instead opts for something simpler giving priority to ergonomics and bringing us a total of 8 programmable buttons distributed by the mouse. The click buttons use Omron switches that guarantee durability of up to 50 million clicks.

The connectivity of this mouse is one of the fundamental aspects of it. On the one hand we can connect it to the PC through its USB-C connection. Connection that is also used to charge the mouse. We can also use this mouse wirelessly with the 2.4 GHz Slipstream receiver that offers us a response time of less than 1 ms. And last but not least, we can also use it through a Bluetooth 4.2 connection with LE.

The battery in this mouse is a lithium polymer. This battery is rechargeable and lasts for 16 hours with standard lighting and up to 36 hours without lighting. The included USB cable is braided and measures 1.8 meters.

This mouse features a Pixart PAW3392 optical sensor. This sensor can range from 100 DPI to 18,000 DPI, with jumps from 1 DPI to 1 DPI. In addition to being able to configure it using iCUE, we also have a total of 3 internal memory profiles. The Polling Rate of this mouse is 1000 Hz and 1 ms, although we can increase it to 2000 Hz and 0.5 ms, both by cable and wirelessly.

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro has RGB lighting. In total, 9 independent zones that we can customize through its own software.

The Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro mouse comes in a cardboard box in the manufacturer’s signature colors (i.e. yellow and black). At the top of this mouse we will find an image of it in which we can see its appearance, as well as some light elements of it. On the side we can see the light elements and buttons that we will find on the left side, while on the back of the box we will find the technical specifications and main characteristics of it.

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When we open the box, the first thing we will find will be a plastic blister together with a cardboard structure that is responsible for keeping the mouse correctly protected from possible bumps and scratches during all transport. Next to the mouse, which we will see in detail later, we will find the warranty papers for the mouse, as well as a simple instruction manual that will allow us to learn how it works and how to start it up.

This mouse comes with a USB cable that will allow us to either connect it to the computer to use it as a more wired mouse, or simply charge its battery. The mouse connection is USB-C, and the cable is braided to give us maximum strength and durability.

The Slipstream wireless receiver is very small, so it won’t get in the way regardless of whether we plug it into a PC tower or laptop.

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At the top of the mouse we are going to find, on the one hand, the two click buttons and the wheel of the same. We will also find a button under the wheel and two to the right of the main click button that, although we can customize its operation, by default they serve to change the profile of the mouse and the DPI. On the palm part we find the Corsair logo, which will light up.

The right side of the mouse does not have any buttons, although as we will see later it has its utility. On the left side we will have a DPI indicator and two buttons that we can customize.

At the bottom we will have, in front, the USB-C connector for the cable, in the center all the part of the sensor and at the back we will find a switch that will allow us to turn off the mouse (in the center), connect it by bluetooth (position right) or connect using the Corsair protocol (left position).

We have several ways to use this mouse on our computer. On the one hand we can connect it by cable, so that we do not have to worry about the battery. On the other hand we can choose to connect it wirelessly through the included Slipstream receiver to forget about the cable and also have the maximum performance and all the functions of the mouse. And thirdly, we can connect it via Bluetooth, useful, for example, to use this mouse on other devices, such as an iPad or a Steam Link.

The mouse has internal memory so that we can save up to 3 different profiles and be able to use them without having to depend on iCUE software. But if we want to have access to all the functions and recommendation options, we must use this software to manage all the configuration.

As soon as you connect the mouse to the computer, Windows will recognize and install it without problems. From the first moment we can start using it, but if we want to exploit the full potential of the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro we must use iCUE.

Once we have the mouse ready, we are going to test it to see if it really fulfills what Corsair promises. For this, the first program that we are going to use is Enotus Mouse Test. With this software we can measure the sensitivity and frequency parameters of the mouse to buy them with those provided by the manufacturer.

The tests have been carried out wirelessly, with the polling rate at 2000 Hz and the mouse sensitivity set at 2000 DPI.

It is clear that cables are a thing of the past. And wireless technologies are here to stay. The new Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO is one of the best models that we can find on the market. A mouse with the latest wireless technology, which can be used both by cable and by Slipstream (Corsair’s own 2.4 Ghz protocol) and by Bluetooth, with a very high-precision sensor and fully customizable through iCUE software.

It certainly isn’t a perfect mouse. We’ve missed, for example, a dedicated Snipper button (instead of having to map one of the existing ones). We have also found some problems that, although they can easily be solved by means of a firmware update, are still annoying today. For example, not being able to regulate the brightness of RGB lighting, or problems connecting the mouse to an iPad and other devices using Bluetooth. Little details that, considering the price, shouldn’t be there.

Despite these small details, we are facing one of the best wireless mice on the market. A mouse that, without a doubt, will be able to accompany us in our day to day, both for work and for our most intense gaming sessions. As long as the battery lasts.

For all these reasons, we have decided to give the Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO our platinum award, highlighting, above all, its performance.