Micron 5210 QLC NAND SSD is made for Data Centers

US based Micron Technology announced the SATA SSD 5210 for data centers that makes use of QLC NAND.

Micron 5210 QLC NAND SSD

Micron 5210 QLC NAND SSD will be a model that reduces the price by adopting QLC and promotes the transition from HDD by improving power efficiency and reliability. The model with a capacity of 960GB has the same price as a 1.2TB HDD with 10,000 rpm, and has high cost competitiveness.

Micron 5210 QLC NAND SSD uses QLC-specific firmware to improve durability and has acquired VMware vSAN certification.

In addition to 960GB, 1,920GB, 3,840GB, 7,680GB models are also available. The form factor is 2.5 inches and the transfer speed is 540MB / s.

Here is its USA’s product page.

Micron 5210 features

QLC firmware innovations — An industry first, Micron’s latest QLC custom firmware helps remove QLC endurance concerns and workload limitations, enabling QLC SSDs to reliably replace HDDs in general-purpose servers and storage.

960GB SKU — Micron’s new 960GB SKU (now generally available) satisfies strong customer demand to replace 900GB to 1.2TB 10K HDDs with cost-competitive SATA QLC SSDs.

OEM qualifications — The Micron 5210 is now qualified by most major server OEMs, providing end customers numerous supply chain options and confidence that the 5210 has been stringently tested.

VMware vSAN-certified — The Micron 5210 is newly certified on VMware vSAN and one of the most cost-effective ways to move to all-flash vSAN.