What is DisplayPort Alternate Mode 2.0?

Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) announced DisplayPort Alternate Mode 2.0 on April 29 2020. Products compatible with the DisplayPort Alternate Mode 2.0 standard will be launched in 2021.

DisplayPort Alternate Mode 2.0

DisplayPort Alternate Mode 2.0 is interoperable with the new USB standard, USB4, and supports all DisplayPort 2.0 features. With DisplayPort Alt Mode 2.0 communication by USB Type-C, you can send video data at a maximum of 80 Gbps using all 4 lanes or transfer data of SuperSpeed ​​USB and a maximum of 40 Gbps simultaneously.

DisplayPort 2.0 was announced in June 2019 and offers up to 3x better bandwidth than previous versions of DisplayPort 1.4. 8K resolution and high refresh rate, HDR support at high resolution, improvement of multi-display configuration, use of VR at 4K and above was possible as well.

Specifically, with efficient 128b / 132b channel coding shared with USB4, DisplayPort Alternate Mode 2.0 has a transfer capacity of up to 77.37Gbps (19.34Gbps per lane) in 4 lanes and 60Hz at 8K (7,680 x 4,320 pixels) resolution.

It will be possible to get full color 30bpp 4: 4: 4 HDR uncompressed communication and 60Hz (15,360 x 8,460 pixels) 60Hz / full color 30bpp 4: 4: 4 HDR compressed communication with DisplayPort Alternate Mode 2.0.