Mediacom Mediasound DT450 DT420 Speakers for Gaming Enthusiasts

Mediacom is well known for its SmartPad tablet and PhonePad smartphone but today the company has launched two speakers by the name of Mediacom Mediasound DT450 and DT420. DT450 packs a very young and aggressive look which will excite those who use the computer or tablet to play or listen to music, videos and movies at full volume.

Mediacom Mediasound DT450 DT420 review

The Mediasound DT450 features peak power of 90W and all sounds very crisp and balanced. Compatible with PC and Mac, Mediasound DT450 consists of a 13.3 cm subwoofer which ensures a particularly deep bass reproduction. It has two 7.6 small speakers for mid range frequencies that guarantee good sound clarity.

Mediasound DT450 DT420 review

On the other hand, Mediasound DT420 offers a peak power of 50W and consists of a 10 cm subwoofer and two satellites of 5 cm. Characterized by harmonious lines and refined contrast between the dominant color black and silver details, this new sound system is perfect for those who want to give a touch of elegance hi-tech at your desk or in your home.

Mediasound DT450 is priced at 59.90 euro while Mediasound DT420 costs 39.90 euro.