CalypsoCase MacBook 12 Review

CalypsoCase is a very stylish and sophisticated case for the new Macbook 12. Priced at 270 dollars, the CalypsoCase Macbook case is made form premium Italian leather. Inside there are soft special micro fabrics that protect your expensive Apple laptop from getting scratched.

CalypsoCase MacBook 12 Review

Each CalypsoCase Macbook 12 case is hand crafted which makes it very special. In fact its manufacture will be making only 500 of each design – each having a unique serial number. There are four color options – black, orange, green and pink.

CalypsoCase MacBook 12 Reviews

The box of CalypsoCase is also very special. The box itself looks very premium and is accompanied by documents about material composition and certificate of authenticity. If you are thinking of giving it to someone, it will be an amazing gift.

CalypsoCase MacBook review official

Each pattern is unique and feels different. Its hand applied leather with extra ordinary attention to detail makes it a must have for each (wealthy) Macbook owner.