Grovemade Macbook Air Laptop Stand is made of wood

Wood stands are rage right now and myriad Mac accessories companies are taking massive advantage of it. Grovemade has introduced a laptop stand for 120 dollars and it is made entirely from multiple molded wooden sheets, making your Macbook Air look even more elegant than before.

Grovemade Macbook review

Grovemade Macbook  review
Grovemade laptop stand is available in either maple or walnut. All laptop stands are hand-sanded and finished with very high quality natural oils.  Here are its dimensions: Front Base Width: 18" x Rear Base Width: 20.5" x Front Height: 3.25" x Rear Height: 6" x
Depth: 11.5"

Grovemade Macbook Air review

Designed to bring clarity and comfort to your workspace, the Maple Laptop Stand works hard to elevate your view as you work, watch, and play. Featuring an angled platform for improved ergonomics, a precision cut stainless steel stop lined with premium vegetable tanned leather for your device to rest in, and room below for stowing your laptop accessories.

Grovemade Macbook Air Laptop Stand review