Keepin' it real fake – 2PG TC8281

Ok, this portable gaming machine looks like a bit like Sony PSP, but don’t expect it to play any PSP games. It is just another cheap chinese rip-off, the 2PG TC8281handheld plays 8-bit and 16 bit retro games that come only on special multi-game cartridges.
The 2PG console comes with five built-in games, as-well-as an additional “112 in 1″ game cartridge, for a total of 117 games for under $50. Hundreds of additional games can be played if you know where to look for the proper cartridges. The system also has an AV out and comes with a funky-looking Playstation clone controller so you can play games on your TV.

If you’ve an appetite for such cheap Chinese stuff or if you’re unable to afford a PSP, you can get your hands on one of these from DealExtreme for $48.80 USD.

[via Technabob]