Sandisk Ultra Backup USB flash drive review – perfect way to backup your data [netbook and notebooks]

Netbooks have become very personal devices now. We carry them with us everywhere we go. This makes backing up data extremely important. Sandisk provides an excellent solution to this problem. From outside, it may look like a normal flash drive, but what makes it different from the rest of the flash drives is its easy-to-use backup feature. Its massive capacity of upto 64GB makes it ideal for storing huge consumer files too. Do we recommend it? Read the review and find it out yourself. 

Sandisk Ultra Backup USB flash drive review

We are taking more pictures; downloading a lot of music and storing a lot of files everyday. This calls for proper backup management as the risk of loosing the data also increases. The netbooks and ultra-portables have become more personal than ever and many of us store important files into it. Although carrying  USD HDD to backup the files makes sense, but I do not recommend using them on the go for three reasons. 

Reasons for not using HDD

1) They have moving parts: Since they have moving parts, it makes them more prone of getting damaged. 

2) They are heavy and take a lot of space. 

This calls for a solution that does not have moving parts. Yes, I am talking about flash drives. Flash drives do not suffer from this problem as they:

1. do not have moving parts, which makes them more secure
2. are light and easy to carry
3. do not take a lot of space and are very compact

I believe that backup data process should be seamless and as user friendly as possible. Sandisk Ultra Backup USB flash drive excels in this area. This flash drive comes in 4 capacities: 8GB, 16GB. 32GB and 64GB.

How does the backup process works?

The backup process is extremely simple. Here are some features of the backup utility:

1. You can produce upto 10 versions of the same file
2. You can select what folders you want to sync
3. A little ‘+’ appears on the left of the file which has multiple versions
4. You can filter the files by date (that you wish to backup)
5. You can ignore the files that are below a certain file size

The backup process can be triggered by pressing the dedicated backup button too. Here are few screenshots of the backup utility. 

Final verdict

The Sandisk Ultra Backup Drive is great for those who want to have a no fuss solution for the backup needs. The Sandisk has taken care of the everything here:  speed, security and simplicity. I recommend it for every mobile professional.


  • 1 click backup button
  • backup feature is reliable
  • password protection
  • maintains multiple copies
  • easy to use software
  • reasonable priced
  • Available in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities
  • 5 year warranty


  • the installation application takes a lot of screen estate. Installing it on a screen with less than 768 pixels in height is a tough job.
  • no Mac or Linux support

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