U2O iWalk 5400 Universal Emergency Battery Charger review

We all love using our gadgets on the go. But, the my biggest concern when I’m on the go is how long the battery of my device(s) will last. I carry a lot of gadgets on the go. This includes my Digital Camera, my Mobile Phone, bluetooth headset and bluetooth keyboard (to type some long emails on my phone).

U2O iWalk 5400 Universal Emergency Battery Charger review

When I found the iWalk 5400 universal battery charger, I felt that I have found an all-in-one solution that promises to satisfies my needs on the go. The size of the iWalk Battery charger is small enough to fit in any trousers’ pocket and weighs very little (148gm). It packs in 5400mAh of power in its little body which is enough to provide nearly 7-8 full charges depending on the device that you are charging. I was able to charge my HTC DIAMOND 6 times with it. It was actually very cool to charge my Diamond in my business meeting.

It has a flashlight on its right side and I must say it is pretty powerful!

It comes with all sorts of plugs for phones, cameras and other digital items. It is also iPhone 3G/iPod Touch compatible. I really find it as a very helpful accessory as it lets me to use my gadgets to their fullest capabilities as I don’t have to worry about juice in the battery anymore. I know, I’ve something called iWalk Battery Charger that can charge my device(s) anywhere, anytime, anyplace.


Apple iPhone 3G Compatible
Applie iPod compatible
USB Output allows you to plug in USB Charge cables
Built in LED light
Available in Pink or BLACK
Voltage output 5.3
Lithium ion battery (5,400 mAh)
No memory effect
Long lasting
Charges/runs using device’s standard DC connector or USB port
5 Different battery condition display & Battery Charging LEDs
Replaces the need to carry multiple power adapters with a single power source.
Rechargeable – can be charged again and again, without memory effect from mains
Popular plugs for PDAs, Phones and Cameras are included
Dimensions 106mm(D)×40mm(W)×24(H) – mm
Lightweight 148 grams
UK A/C Adapter
12 Months UK Warranty

What is included in the box:

  • 1x U20 i-UP 5400 Mobile power pack (select colour from drop down menu)
  • 1x UK mains charger
  • 1x Retractable USB to DC Cable
  • 1x Apple iPhone retractable cable
  • 1x Warranty card
  • 1x User Manual
  • Various adapters for PDA’s (including mini USB)-Phones-Cameras-MP3 And Game Machines

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