30GB Zunes all over the world just stopped working!

UPDATE from Zune spokesperson: We are aware that customers with the Zune 30GB are experiencing issues with their Zune device. We are actively working now to isolate the issue and develop a solution to address it. We will keep customers informed on next steps via the support page on zune.net

On the New Year eve, what worse could have happened to the owners of the 30GB Zune models? Reports say that they are all fail to complete the boot process. The timing is also very odd. At 0200h on Dec 31, 2008, which is very early ‘morning’, a bunch of Zunes just stopped working. The ‘affected’ Zunes reboot on their own and never complete the boot.

It has been observed that this is happening to those with the latest firmware. People who still have the older firmware versions are not facing this problem. Talk about ‘disadvantages’ of upgrading

I fail to imagine how the Microsoft is going to handle the angry Zune owners.


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