Acer not much interested in Windows Mobile – going to launch its first Android handset in September

Last month at the MWC 2009, Acer displayed their upcoming handset. At that time, nothing was known about the OS that handset was using. Most of us thought that it is certainly going to be a Windows Mobile OS as they bought Eten last year, which was a Windows Mobile manufacture. Now, according to a confidential source, Acer has chosen Google Android as its OS. There are two main reason for it:

  • Open Source
  • Popular demand

Nothing else is known about the upcoming handset other than the OS it is using. Acer not using Windows mobile is not going to make the Windows Mobile fans much happy. Already, HTC, SAMSUNG, LG and Motorola have joined the Android league. Now, Acer is also a part of the league. Who is next? We guess, SONY ERICSSON

[via businessmirror]