ASUS EEE 1000H vs S101 comparison

A lot of people in the 10″ netbook market are confused between ASUS EEE 1000H and S101 netbooks. They’ve quite similar specifications, but still the S101 beats the 1000H in terms of price by (huge) $200. What makes the S101 costs $200 more than the 1000H? Folks at were able to get their hands-on both of the units at the same time.

Here are few highlights of the article:

  • Upgradability: EEE 1000H wins the battle. SSD is not upgradable in S101. Only RAM and wifi card is upgradeable
  • Performance: SSD in the S101 is quicker than the HDD in EEE 1000H. Booting is faster in S101 than the already pretty quick booting of the 1000H (nearly 26s)
  • Storage space: 1000H comes with 160GB HDD. S101 comes with 16GB SSD. If you hate moving parts, then you’ve no choice but S101. Otherwise, if you store a lot of data, movies etc, then EEE 1000H is the way to go
  • S101 is much slimmer and lighter than EEE 1000H
  • Both have almost same battery life