ASUS P565 unboxed or shall I say "World's fastest PDA-phone unboxed"

I received the ASUS P565 yesterday and I could not wait for a single second to rip open the box. Here are few pictures that I took of the box and have given brief information about what is there in the box.

..and here is what you get in the box

  • ASUS P565
  • AC adapter
  • A really sleek leather case
  • Battery (1300mAh)
  • Getting started CD and Bonus CD
  • mini-USB cable
  • Wired headset

The packaging is normal. By that I mean it is nothing fancy like the one which we encountered during HTC TOUCH DIAMOND or TOUCH PRO’s unboxing.

I guess the above pictures of the self-claimed ASUS P565 are enough to feast your eyes. Wait for 2-3days for the full review of it. In next part, we will compare the speeds of ASUS P565 with it’s younger brother ASUS P552W and the very popular HTC DIAMOND. Stay tuned!

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